Monday, December 26, 2011

Old Trafford - Stadium Of Manchaster United

Old Trafford is a football stadium in the town of Stretford, Trafford, Manchester, England. Old Trafford Stadium is the home of Manchester United FC

Sir Bobby Charlton gave the nickname Old Trafford as The Theatre of Dreams. This field belongs to a permanent Manchester United FC since 1910 (the year 1941-1949 was absent because of bombed during the Second World War).

The stadium is located approximately half a mile from the Field Cricket Old Trafford and Manchester Metrolink. Old Trafford is often used to host the semi-finals of the FA Cup (as a neutral venue), and as the headquarters of the national soccer team football Wembley Stadium in England when the renovation process. Old Trafford Stadium also became one of the world cup matches in 1966 and Euro 1996.
With the election of London as the host of 2012 Olympics, the stadium is planned for some football qualifying match men and women.

Manchester United

Old Trafford has a capacity of 76,000, and the only stadium in the UK which has a rating of 5 stars. However, in 3-4 years this stadium will not be the headquarters of the UK due to the valuation determination star rating by UEFA in 3-4 years and most likely will get the Wembley stadium rating 5 stars because by some media deemed worthy qualify stadium 5 star UEFA


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