Monday, December 26, 2011

Mission : Impossible - Gost Protocol (2011)

Fifteen years since the television series Mission: Impossible adapted to the big screen and the five years since the franchise was released three screens wide, Agent Ethan Hunt returned to complete his mission. Commencing four different directors directing the fourth instalmen of agent Ethan Hunt adventure story. Starting from Brian De Palma - Mission: Impossible (1996), John Woo - Mission: Impossible II (2000), J. J. Abrams - Mission: Impossible III (2006), and now Brad Bird will be in control of the fourth and latest instalmen; Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

House explodes in Moscow Kremlin, Ethan Hunt, who happened to be on site any blame. The American government a scapegoat, denied any secret organization IMF. Apparently there are terrorists who have the secret code of the Russian nuclear launch that want to attack America. The U.S. president was forced to declare the operation with a very "Ghost Protocol"; the existence of the Fund are not recognized, there is no support whatsoever, but Ethan Hunt and his friends must stop the terrorists before they launch nuclear missiles.

Good versus evil plot is offered instalmen M: I new it's very often brought up by other action films; stop the nuclear launch before it is too late. Plot that is "old song" This has consequences for the enjoyment of the audience in waiting for the end result that is sure to be 11-12 with another film that has the same plot. The plot was only recently modified in such a way with the concept of "last seconds". Beyond these old things, new elements in the film is enough to boost viewing pleasure. Starting from the various action scenes there are, the tools of advanced technology that has never thought of before (at least in the initial quarter of the movie), until sufficient taxable element of comedy.

Plot on the nuclear launch is an old song, but the M: I present a new way to accomplish this mission: a mission with conventional tools (read: not advanced). The existence of the IMF denied by the government, it makes Ethan and his friends can only use the tools that exist in the field at once. Sorry for the lovers of sophisticated tools, but this is the first time for Ethan Hunt et al undercover without the printing face of the IMF's pseudonym is famous for. Communication via walkie-talkie that limited distance, and a tracking device that also limited his ability. But that does not mean this film without sophisticated espionage equipment at all, the audience was entertained by a variety of interesting tools that appear at the beginning of the movie.

The main strength of the franchise M: I on the big screen indeed is any action scenes are pretty crazy. Plus the value of all that is how Tom Cruise was willing to do any action scenes without the aid of stunt. Oh yes, including how Ethan Hunt who climb the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Without the aid of a safety rope (at least what it seems on the screen), the scene is enough to make the adrenaline flowing - do not be surprised if the shot this scene becomes the main product as a media campaign.

Not only the action scenes, instalmen fourth M: I still retain some of his trademark. Self-destruct mission instrument that provides instructions, which then diekstensikan up to a pay phone and even humans. Not to mention, original score Michael Giacchino does his job very, very well with the theme song rearranging M: Lalo Schifrin's work I became more stylized. Giacchino also raised tension with scoring scenes that still use a little sample of the song theme.

Filmmakers and audiences need to be grateful for Simon Pegg, who in this film given more confidence to go to the field and given more servings of character, Benji. Because by Pegg, a serious action movie typical M: I became very colorful with every joke and hilarity of the display. Yes, practically all the humor in this film produced by Benji character that was hilarious. It's time Benji character given larger portions in action films as "serious" in order to make the storyline becomes lighter.

Simon Pegg In addition, there is a new character introduced to the audience; Agent Brandt played very well by the actor Jeremy Renner is on the rise. Brandt on the appearance of the character Ethan Hunt course is a new addition on the strength of the IMF with a typical field agents are a good fighter with his bare hands. With the introduction of a fairly strong character of Brandt, and various action scenes are done, such as film makers want to prepare a scenario where Brandt will replace a vital role in the franchise Hunt M: I next. One of the strong evidence this time is how Brandt - no longer Ethan Hunt - who executed action scenes typical of the franchise M: I where the protagonist must jump from a certain height and must "float" a few centimeters from the ground.

Slight weakness of this movie is how the figure of an antagonist that is displayed has a picture of a pretty weak character when compared with antagonistic roles of the three instalmen M: I previously. Antagonistic character of instalmen M: I previously had a significant personal relationship with Ethan Hunt, making drama presented becomes more excavated. Just look at how Jim Phelps (Jon Voight) who is a mentor for Ethan Hunt suddenly betrayed him, and then Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) is a former agent of the Fund and also endanger the lives of Ethan's love-interest, then there are bad-ass Owen Davian ( Philip Seymour Hoffman) who is not only strong physically but also psychotic and sadistic who kidnapped girlfriend of Ethan. But now, there Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist), a Russian terrorist who does not have a significant relationship with Ethan. It is indeed covered by the plan Hendricks evil who want to make the world trapped in a nuclear war, but the portion of the role of antagonist and depth of character to be ruled out in this film.

Another thing that covered not so raised the role of antagonist to the surface is how the filmmakers focus on sub-plots of each member of the team this time Ethan Hunt. Past from Brandt, revenge Jane (Paula Patton) for the murder of his girlfriend, and rose in rank Benji. All of these subplots are present in adequate portions and evenly. At least enough to make the audience fall in love with every character hero in this film. If M: I 5 able to present the sub-plot character plus the depth of the character of the role of antagonist, then it is not impossible that the film would be much better.

The success of this film certainly does not escape the role of director and playwright, who both make their respective debuts in this film. Josh Appelbaum writer who used to write scripts and television series that Brad Bird was the first time to direct live-action film after directing films such as Pixar's The Incredibles (2004) and Ratatouille (2007). Brad Bird proved itself very well to direct a film franchise class M: I, which already has its own fan base. Clearly the combination of film director who used to deal with animation-comedy with comic actor Simon Pegg to be a combination of fitting to add the element of comedy in the series M: I. But Brad Bird also proved successful to improve the quality of the franchise M: I where instalmen second and third are less liked by the audience. Now in the hands of Brad Bird, franchise M: I have a bright future.
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Old Trafford - Stadium Of Manchaster United

Old Trafford is a football stadium in the town of Stretford, Trafford, Manchester, England. Old Trafford Stadium is the home of Manchester United FC

Sir Bobby Charlton gave the nickname Old Trafford as The Theatre of Dreams. This field belongs to a permanent Manchester United FC since 1910 (the year 1941-1949 was absent because of bombed during the Second World War).

The stadium is located approximately half a mile from the Field Cricket Old Trafford and Manchester Metrolink. Old Trafford is often used to host the semi-finals of the FA Cup (as a neutral venue), and as the headquarters of the national soccer team football Wembley Stadium in England when the renovation process. Old Trafford Stadium also became one of the world cup matches in 1966 and Euro 1996.
With the election of London as the host of 2012 Olympics, the stadium is planned for some football qualifying match men and women.

Manchester United

Old Trafford has a capacity of 76,000, and the only stadium in the UK which has a rating of 5 stars. However, in 3-4 years this stadium will not be the headquarters of the UK due to the valuation determination star rating by UEFA in 3-4 years and most likely will get the Wembley stadium rating 5 stars because by some media deemed worthy qualify stadium 5 star UEFA

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012 MotoGP schedule

This is the 2012 MotoGP schedule has been revised,  as reported by the Crash:

8 April Qatar* Losail
29 April Spain Jerez
6 Mei Portugal (STC) Estoril
20 Mei France Le Mans
3 Juni Catalunya Catalunya
17 Juni Inggris Raya Silverstone
30 Juni Belanda** Assen
8 Juli Jerman(STC) Sachsenring
15 Juli Italia Mugello
29 Juli Amerika Serikat*** Laguna Seca
19 Agustus Indianapolis Indianapolis
26 Agustus Republik Ceko Brno
16 September San Marino Misano
30 September Aragon Motorland
14 Oktober Jepang Motegi
21 Okctober Malaysia Sepang
28 Oktober Australia Phillip Island
11 November Valencia Ricardo Tormo

* Racing Night
**Racing on Saturday
*** Only MotoGP class
STC (Subject to the contract)
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Transformer from Indonesia : "Pada Suatu Ketika"

Bajaj scene and the city bus turned into a robot ala Transformers movie circulated among Internet users Indonesia.

These local animation studio created by named Lakon Animation. According to the statement on his Facebook group, based in Solo, Central Java.

Animation with the title "Pada Suatu Ketika" it is interesting. The details of the display really shows a typical view of Indonesia.

Starting from a bowl of chicken stamp that is used to provide instant noodles boiled, packs of unfiltered cigarettes, until the vehicle is turned into a robot: Bajaj, Bike Wear, and a City Bus with Mom Prayer sticker on the windshield.

Its soundtrack was promising, with the song "Peace" that was delivered Nasyida Ria kasidah group as an opener. Plus all the sound effects clips that feels right in your ear.

Indeed, from the side of the story, the animation is not displaying something promising. The author was aware of it and present the paper "Basi?" towards the end of the video.

This video was apparently still prepared as a "provocation" only. Because, at the end of the video it appears the words "Wait and watch, clip the second half. 2012.
 Trailer "Pada Suatu Ketika"
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

El Clasico Real Madrid VS Barcelona 2011

First minute of Real Madrid's winning 1-0 over Barcelona. Starting from a fatal error on the second goalkeeper Victor Valdes to-21. From the front of his goal, Valdes gave the ball to Ze Maria and forward it to Ozil. Ozil direct shot on goal, but hit a Barcelona player. Benzema who was standing in front of goal mercilessly smashed the ball into the goal Valdes. 1-0 to Madrid.

Barca's best chance occurred at minute 6. Sergio Ramos is facing Messi fell. Lionel Messi the speed dribble into the area of defense Madrid, shoot, but can be thwarted Iker Casillas.

Ronaldo had the opportunity to score a goal in the 24th minute, but his shot was deviated to the left of goalkeeper Valdes.

Xavi also gain the best chance to score a free kick but can be thwarted Casillas.

Barca goal by Alexis Sanchez replied. Receiving the ball from Messi, Sanchez goalkeeper Casillas in the 30th minute. Notch a 1-1 draw last until the end of act 1.
Alexis Shancez

At the beginning of the 2nd round, no substitutions are performed both coaches. They still retain the players in the first round. Madrid's first 2 times threatened by Ronaldo's free kick, but can be secured Barca players. Barca even scored his second, and turned 2-1 ahead through an own goal Marcelo in the 53rd minute.

Entering the 63rd minute, Messi free kick towards the right of goalkeeper Casillas but still flawed.

Ronaldo gain the best chance in the 65th minute but his header off to the left of goalkeeper Victor Valdez.

Barca to increase the advantage to 3-1 thanks to goals from Cesc Fabregas in the 66th minute through a header after receiving a cross from Dani Alves.
Cesc Fabregas

With this victory Barca took over leadership of the Spanish Primera Liga standings with 37 points, equal with points earned Madrid but Barca played one more game
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

REVIEW: The Raid "Serbuan Maut"

The Raid or known in advance with the title Invasion Death, has been shattering the virtual world when the film is reported has carried off the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival Midnight Madness. Become increasingly excited when Sony Pictures reportedly has bought the distribution rights to the circulation of the world and Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) are invited to fill the background music. Yet to be widely circulated, the news about The Raid will be made by a Hollywood remake has fast blows. Something of great pride for the Indonesian film of course. What's so special about this movie so many viewers and critics amazed foreign film made? So when the fourth film from director from Wales, Gareth Evans, is scheduled to be played as the closing film of performances INAFFF, thousands of spectators had flocked stormed Blitz Megaplex Grand Indonesia to get tickets. With a limited number of tickets printed, not all the audience gets rations. Cinetariz very lucky to be one of the few spectators who had the opportunity to witness The Raid long before the film officially released in cinemas Indonesia in 2012.
With a trailer that has pretty much presents a number of scenes of brutal violence and adrenaline pumping, I was wondering, what else will be offered by Gareth Evans? I mean, the trailer which can only damage in such a complete pleasure when watching The Raid. So no wonder then that many spectators who lowered expectations to avoid disappointment. And, Gareth Evans did not disappoint anyone. The Raid opened with Rama (Iko Uwais) who are preparing for his first major mission. After a minute fraction of the audience enjoying the serene scenes with Rama and his family, Gareth Evans drag us straight on a number of scenes that have a rhythm in contrast to earlier opening sequence. Rama joined the elite leadership of Sergeant Jake (Joe Taslim) and Lieutenant Revelation (Pierre Gruno) who tried to break into the headquarters of a drug dealer named Tama (Ray Sahetapy) which supposedly untouched by anyone, including law enforcement. This humanitarian operation was instantly turned into a suicide operation when he uncovered the fact that the inhabitants of this headquarters is not the usual collection of petty criminals. They have high self-defense capabilities and ready to slaughter anyone who dared set foot in their house.

There are only two words that can describe what the overall performance of The Raid, crazy cool! Anyone who says Indonesia will never be able to make a Hollywood action film class, you should shut up since now. This is proof that Indonesia was able to film a fight at the international level. Compared with Merantau, The Raid tend not to care about the manuscript. You could say what he would be told by Gareth Evans summarized into only one sentence only. The focus is on the scene tarungnya are packed in such a way. Since the power elite troops entered the area of ​​Tama, do hope you can breathe. It's filled with many breathtaking sequences. I suggest you to go to the toilet before the movie started because of The Raid does not give pause to rest. The Raid definitely not the kind of spectacle that is suitable for you who do not stand the sight of violence. The sound of gunfire, bullets whistle, blow or kick barrage into a natural landscape during the first hour. The rest, you will be faced with a more beautiful landscape strewn with corpses, blood streaming down and the cut-carved body. Everything is presented with realistically. Handheld camera was used, and the cinematographer, Matt Flannery, capable of several times the present moment grate.
Certainly less afdol if the battle between the elite with cronies Tama presented by gunfire. Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian back duet with the sweet produce martial arts movements are mesmerizing. Climactic scene that memertemukan Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, and Doni Alamsyah, in one room is a testament to the genius Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian fight choreography in the process. Very stressful. For approximately 101 minutes, Gareth Evans did not allow the audience to sit still. If you can not help myself, then the dirty words will easily flow from the mouth. And yes, the script concoction Gareth Evans was filled with rough dialogue. A series of dirty words but often clever shot from Ray Sahetapy, Yayan Ruhian, Doni Alamsyah, and his friends, who are effectively able to make the audience laugh. Ray Sahetapy show tajinya as a classy character actor here. Without the need to act excessively, had spread terror wherever whenever he is present. The other actors also play fitting in accordance with the portions.
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Raid (2011)

The Raid film director, Gareth Huw Evans, stated, positive appreciation at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011, Canada, was unexpected and surprising since it is beyond anything ever imagined before.

As an action film, The Raid got a lot of praise from film critics and filmmakers apart from the crowd. Peter Sciretta of Slash praised the film as the best action film. "This is the best action film I've seen in years," he said after watching the show The Raid as the opening film at the Midnight Madness program at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, 8 September.

The same opinion surfaced from Alex Billington (First Showing). "It truly is one of the best action films I've seen in years." Brad Miska (Bloddy Disgusting) also hailed the raid as best action movie. "Its' one of the best action movies ever assembled. The Raid is ultracinema, the highest octane of energy you'll ever see on the big screen."

James Rochi (MSN Movies) states, The Raid match Die Hard. "The best-Aristotelian unity in action movies since Die Hard." In fact, Drew McWeeny (Hit Fix) without hesitation almost perfect compliment. "A near perfect action movie."

The film revolves around an apartment block in the heart of Jakarta, which inhabited the addict and the unemployed. They led a ruthless boss who makes consumers into compactor and without hesitation brutally murdered. No one had the police and law enforcement is able and daring to tamper with life in the apartment.

Until one morning, an elite force led by an officer named Rama (Iko Uwais) came to invade. Rama's army faced the maze on each floor, a shootout with criminals, and fought against them. Every time it reaches the upper floor, they encountered greater obstacles and deadly war.

"If you want over-the top bone crushing, knife slashing action the which Will leave you fighting to catch your breath. This is it! 9 out of 10 stars!" Praise Team Hannigan (Horror Movies).

The Hollywood Reporter judge, "Ultra-violent action movies do not get much more exciting than this intentive or kick-ass features from Indonesia." Film critic Andrew Parker states, "The Raid achieves perfection and action movie is a must see for genre buffs of all kids at this year's festival."

He even gave rating of five stars (***** of 5 stars). Anton Sirius (Is not It Cool) states, "The Raid featured Basically everything You Could possibly want in an action movie."
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